Careers options you want to hear about

Being an Indian child can be very stressful and your choices are often limited to engineering or medical. At least 70% of the kids these days are forced to if not manipulated to choose either one of these. Well here’s some good news for all those confused innocent minds, there’s a lot more to explore! There are several jobs that you haven’t heard of as often since the society narrows down your choices.

One of the most fundamental field in any country is the army. Patriotic youth can serve the country by joining the army. Being one of the most respected jobs, it isn’t easy to get in. It requires a lot of undying passion and hard work. The armed forces include navy, air force and army.

Another very interesting field that not many know about is agriculture. India, being an agrarian country, will never to run out of opportunities in this field. One could pursue BTech in agriculture or a BSc. in agriculture after writing exams like the ICAR 2018, AGRICET etc. Numerous governments, as well as private opportunities exist. A job in this field does not necessarily mean only on-field work. There are officer level posts, Managers at Plantations, Agricultural Products Marketing firms, Food processing units etc. Agricultural Science and Technology includes careers in agricultural engineering, Food processing, Horticulture, Forestry, Aquaculture, Dairy Farming, Plant Pathology, Poultry farming, Sericulture, Apiculture etc.

One of the top choices these days is MBA. A large crowd rushes to pursue MBA after a basic degree. Best MBA colleges in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore offer different specialization fields. A wide variety of jobs will be waiting for you after completion of the MBA stream that you choose to pursue. The strong foundation in business and marketing skills that you acquire and the leadership skills that you develop lands you jobs like Sales executive, assistant manager, accountant, business development, quality analyst, tele caller, team manager, personal assistant etc.  MBA offers a wide range of career options ranging from financial analyst to a portfolio manager to HR. The number of choices and futures in this field are very promising.

For all those creative minds out there, there are Humanities! Humanities are a vast and interesting field including literature, law, history, archaeology, philosophy, art, etc. It is the understanding, processing and recording of human participation or experience. Jobs related to Humanities include law, teaching, sales, technical writing, event organizing, editing to name a few. Teaching a job that will never run out of opportunities.

Good at speaking and a strong sense of justice? There’s law! With the number of criminals increasing it becomes important to segregate the right and wrong and fight for justice. The growing corporate world requires lawyers to handle business situations legally. There are a rising number of jobs in the law sector.

Designing is another creative and growing field. The economy is building, and designs are modernizing. Designing could include anything from architecture to jewellery designing. The fashion industry is picking up and this calls for more enthusiastic and creative minds; I’m sure many young women are passionate about fashion designing. Even vehicle designing is a professional field.

What I have listed is just a small portion of a list that goes on. There are a wide variety of options available and honestly speaking, choosing becomes a problem!

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