Destiny 2 is down due to a broken game patch – FreeJobAlert

Destiny 2 has been forced offline for over 17 hours after Bungie released a flawed patch that caused problems for players. Bungie gave one regular game patch to tweak Destiny 2’s sandbox on Tuesday, but many players quickly realized the game had removed Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts. Bungie’s solution involves rolling back the servers.

Bungie took Destiny 2 offline to investigate the issue Tuesday at 2pm ET, two hours after the patch was first released. After hours of testing and research, Bungie confirmed that it will “revert all player accounts to their state as of 8:20am PST”.

That’s 40 minutes before the patch, meaning any progress will be lost right before the patch and two hours after. Players who have earned loot by completing weekly raids, dungeons, bounties, and other content will need to replay the activities once the servers are back online.

It’s not clear when Destiny 2 will be back online. Bungie’s latest update, about 9 hours ago, noted that the developer had an estimate for a fix between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday, but that time has since passed and the servers are still offline.

Lot 2 is a popular looter-shooter from Bungie with around 800,000 players logging in daily across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This major outage comes just over a month before Bungie releases its next major one Lot 2: Lightfall extension.

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